The Federal Commission for the Protection of Nature and Cultural Heritage (FCNC) compiles reports and statements for the attention of the authorities and courts. A FCNC report must be obtained if objects subject to protection by the state could be seriously affected by a project.

Objects identified as worthy of protection are listed in one of the following two federal inventories:

Landscapes and natural monuments of national importance - The federal inventory of landscapes and natural monuments of natural importance (BLN) contains a total of 161 objects with total area of approximately 7,806 km2, which represents around 19 percent of the territory of Switzerland.

Heritage sites worthy of protection - When it is completed, the initial inventory of heritage sites worthy of protection (ISOS) will contain around 6000 heritage sites located in the almost 3000 Swiss municipalities. The ISOS incorporates all of the towns, villages and hamlets in Switzerland.

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Last edition: 27.10.2017